EXCLUSIVE: Check out these behind the scenes photos from Luke Sparke’s Red Billabong

Red Billabong director Luke Sparke has been kind enough to share these exclusive behind the scenes photos with Cinema Australia readers.

Luke told Cinema Australia, “We’re halfway through the shoot – it’s a really ambitious project given what we have to shoot in the time available and being privately financed – but we’re on time and it’s looking fantastic. We’ve finished filming at our amazing house location and have moved to our next set at the billabong where the film takes its name, and things are getting dark – not just the two weeks of night shoots we’ve been doing – but the film takes a tonal shift midway through. It’s the fun stuff to do and I think the crew and cast have had a ball this past week with all the sfx going on.

The cast have been so much fun to deal with. When I approached them, I made a point that I would work with them to flesh these characters out and allow them to ad-lib if need be – and that’s been a lot of fun as well. We’ve been getting some great stuff that helps the film emotionally and injects some comedy elements to other parts. Coupled with a world class Queensland crew, there’s just a great on-set vibe.
After the billabong, we move around a little then finish at Roadshow studios in a sound stage – that’s going to be a big week!”
You can see the photos below. Find out more abut the Red Billabong on Facebook (here) or Twitter (here).

The main gang of Red Billabong: (R-L) Ben Chisholm (BJ), James Straiton (Jason), Emily Joy (Kate), Tim Pocock (Tristan), Jessica Green (Rebecca), Sophie Don (Anya) and Dan Ewing (Nick).

Red Billabong director Luke Spark looks over a prop drawing with standby Lisa while DOP Andrew Conder and Dan Ewing watches on.

The busy set at the house location for Red Billabong.

Night shooting on Red Billabong.

Tim Pocock listening to first AD Nick Mckinnon and the crew on night shoots for Red Billabong.

Dan Ewing during an emotional scene in Red Billabong.

Tim Pocock and Dan Ewing as Red Billabong’s brothers Tristan and Nick.

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