The Reckoning hits the flicks this week

The Reckoning opens in cinemas this week!

The Reckoning is Perth filmmaker John Soto’s thrilling new film that opens this week at selected cinemas (sessions this weekend 5-7 September, and next weekend 12-14 September), with all tickets the special price of $15 across the board.

Earlier this year, The Reckoning won awards at the the 2014 BRITISH INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL. After being nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Music, Best Director and Best Acto, the film won BEST MUSIC and John V. Soto won BEST DIRECTOR.

Shot in Perth, the psychological crime drama stars Jonathan LaPaglia as Robbie Green, a detective called in to investigate the roadside execution of his colleague Jason (played by Luke Hemsworth).  When he arrives at the crime scene he discovers a data card from a video camera containing footage shot by two runaway teenagers (Hanna Mangan-Lawrence and Alex Williams) who are making a documentary about the drug-related death of a sibling. With the help of colleague Jane Pearson (Viva Bianca) Robbie retraces the teen’s journey and soon begins to uncover a trail of the dead that leads all the way back to police headquarters, which leads to a trail of revenge played out.

The Reckoning will have its premiere tonight at Hoyts Garden City, followed by an encore premiere sneak preview tomorrow night, to be attended by cast and crew.

The Reckoning

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