Start Options Exit to open the Melbourne Underground Film Festival

What do the worlds biggest porn star Ron Jeremy, Australian criminal cult icon Chopper Read, and baby boomer sex symbol, actress and socialite, Tottie Goldsmith all have in common? They are three of the featured cast of Start Options Exit (SOE) – a dark indie, comedy feature film.
Start Options Exit (SOE) follows the exploits of twenty-somethings Neville Carlisle and Yolis Jenkem who have come to a freeing conclusion; If you forget the stupid little things like reputation, the law, friendship, the suffering of others, life can be kinda fun and you can do whatever you want, getting women is easier, stupid people respect you, sometimes you can even make a little money.
It is a satirical exploration of Generation Y, following the misadventures of two wayward twenty something hipsters as they glide through their own primal instincts and cruel intentions, circumventing morality and social convention in a world where selfishness is the motivation and there are no consequences. It aims to provoke questions regarding the unsavory desires that lie behind our assumed obligation towards helping others and our responsibility to the progress of Man.
Start Options Exit will open this year's Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

Start Options Exit will open this year’s Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

SOE is the brain child of writer, director and producers Chris Mitchell and Yoav Lester, and co-writer Ari Neville. Lester and Neville make their acting debut playing the lead roles in the film, joined by a formidable cast of emerging talent including Rhys Mitchell – son of Australian comedian and tv personality Mark Mitchell – alongside Noah and Saskia’s Hannah Greenwood and stage and screen stalwart Tom McCathie.

While this marks the world premier for the indie production, the film has already attracted considerable attention from within the Melbourne media and film industry, as a result of successful crowd funding campaign in 2013 which prematurely propelled it into the limelight due to its very unique cast – most notably Chopper Read’s final film appearance before his death in early 2013.

Start Options Exit promises a very unique viewing experience for its opening night MUFF audience who can expect a freight train of no holds barred comedic dialogue set against an dark, surreal and at times sinister Melbourne landscape.

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