Stranger With My Face sets challenge

48 Hour Tasploitation Challenge

Last year, a collection of filmmakers furiously wrote, produced, edited and delivered short horror films within a truly insane 48-hour period.
A month later, these films were screened as part of the 2013 Stranger With My Face Horror Film Festival in front of the filmmakers and a collection of peers and various interested (and interesting) parties. Gasps were heard, prizes were given, bars were raised…
Just like a classic horror film, the challenge has returned—this time with some extra suspenseful twists!
2013′s signature item was a single phrase, “spit it out”. This year, to ensure even more frantic creativity, there are multiple required mystery elements.

Registered participants will receive an email containing three random elements at the start of the challenge:
• an object (e.g a dagger, a hairpin, a bowling ball)
• a line of dialogue and
• a sub-genre (eg. zombie film, slasher film, nunsploitation)

All 3 must be included in the resulting film, which should be no more than 6 minutes and should fit loosely within the horror genre. The “Tasploitation” element of the Challenge is up to the filmmaker to interpret, whether it entails a generally schlocky vibe, a sensationalist approach or simply that you’re making the film in Tasmania.
If all that isn’t enough, challengers may elect to instead direct a script from this year’s Stranger With My Face Short Script Challenge.
If you tick the box “send me a script to consider” on your registration form, you’ll be given both the 3 random signature elements and one of the short-listed 6 page scripts. You mustchoose between these two options. (Even after reading the script, you may still decide to go with the 3 signature items instead… )
The aim is to encourage greater collaboration between writers and filmmakers. Entrants to the screenwriting challenge may similarly opt out of this idea, as they so choose. The script challenge will be judged entirely separately to the 48-Hour ‘Tasploitation’ Challenge and solely on the merits of the unproduced screenplays submitted.

The shoot weekend begins at 8 pm on 25 July 2014.

Registration (via this page) opens 20 June 2014 and is AUD$30.

All films will screen during the festival in Hobart from 21 to 24 August and are eligible for prizes.

The judges this year include:
• screenwriters Shayne Armstrong and Shane Krause
• MONA Market curator and artist Kirsha Kaechele

Prizes will include:
• Screen Tasmania Award for Best Film ($500 cash)
• Special MONA prize for originality (tickets to CineMona & lunch for 2)
• Award for Best Performance
• Tasmaniana Award (for the film that references Tasmania in the most creative way).
• Audience Choice Award

Other awards may also be given on the night, at the judge’s discretion.
The 48-Hour Tasploitation Challenge is open to teams and individuals Australia-wide. So get your team together and start stocking up on fake blood! Sign-up here to get a reminder when registrations open.

The Stranger With My Face Short Script Challenge returns… with a difference

In 2012 and 2013 the short script challenge was known as the 10 By 10 Short Script Challenge and participants were given 10 days to write a script of up to 10 pages.
This year, you only get 48 hours, and you need to write a script of 6 pages or less.
Last year’s prompt was a quote from the brilliant Shirley Jackson. This year it will be a different quote, but the challenge will be the same:

Write a short horror screenplay with enough originality, energy and style to impress our judges.

The extra complication this year is that you may elect to anonymously hand over your entry to a team taking part in our 48-hour Tasploitation Challenge the following month. This is as simple as ticking a box on your registration form saying, “Yes, I would like my script to be offered to a Tasploitaiton Challenge participant”.
If you elect not tick the box, your script will not be part of the Tasploitation Challenge and will be judged as part of the Script Challenge only as per usual.
The aim of tying in the two challenges is to encourage greater collaboration between writers and directors and to get the screenwriters an extra chance to get their work made.
The Short Script Challenge will be judged entirely separately to the 48-Hour ‘Tasploitation’ Challenge and solely on the merits of the unproduced screenplays.

The writing weekend begins at 8 pm on 28 June 2014.

Registration (via this page) opens 1 June 2014 and is AUD$10.

Multiple entries are not permitted.

Each script will be read by at least three industry professionals and each participants is guaranteed feedback on their work. The judges and further awards will be announced after registrations open.
The Best Script prize will include a two-night “writer’s retreat” at the St Helens Beach House, courtesy of our friends at the Tasmanian Breath of Fresh Air Film Festival,

Find entry forms and more information about both challenges here.

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