Feature trailer released for Stuart Simpson’s Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla

Lost Art’s latest feature had its world premiere 24th November 2013 at the Nova Cinema for Melbournes best cult film festival, Monsterfest.
Soon to be playing at festivals around the world. Stay tuned as more details come to hand…

Synopsis: Warren is a lonely ice-cream van driver. Selling ice-cream in Melbourne’s roughest neighbourhood isn’t an easy job. Surrounded by unsavoury characters and bullied by a local drug dealer, Warren has no choice but to escape into fantasy. It is not until he begins to make personal video diaries that we see the real inner machinations of a troubled mind and an unhealthy obsession with soapie starlet, Katey George.

Starring Glenn Maynard as Warren and welcoming back Kyrie Capri (Montro!) as Katey George with Aston Elliot playing R

Directed & Edited by Stuart Simpson
Written by Addison Heath
Music by Heath Brown
Sound by Daniel Macdonald

You can find out more about the film by visiting http://www.csvmovie.com

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