First look at Christopher Houghton’s Touch

On a cold winter morning Dawn commits a seemingly senseless crime, leaving a man unconscious, but she is running from something bigger. Dawn is harbouring a shattering secret. Taking flight with her young daughter, Steph, they hide out in a remote hills town where she tries to keep her restless daughter from prying eyes.

Unpredictable and on edge, she obsesses over her daughter by day and entertains a curious and perverse affair with local cop, Nick, by night.  Meanwhile another man, John, is on the hunt.  His identity remains a mystery but his actions are clear, he is intent on finding Dawn before the police do.

As Nick and Dawn tread a precarious path between sex and need, Steph is left alone to fend off a growing fear that things in her mother’s world are not what they seem. As her mother’s risky affair spirals downward and John closes in, Steph takes matters into her own hands, where all relationships are thrown into sharp relief and a terrible truth is revealed.

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