Robbie Studsor’s The Burning Kiss nears completion

The Burning Kiss, an exciting, sun-bleached psychodrama / noir is nearing completion in Western Australia.

Described as an ‘hallucinogenic summer noir cocktail spiked with surrealism and suspense’, The Burning Kiss centres on the unexpected arrival of a stranger, who implicates a father and his daughter in an inferno of secrets, guilt and danger.

Director Robbie Studsor says the film was “born from sheltering in the air-conditioning with eccentric genre heroes such as Claude Chabrol and Mario Bava, as well as underground masters such as Kenneth Anger, during an unrelenting summer in the city of shark attacks and sunburn.”

“I believe the film will resonate with audiences both Australian and international. I love the new rise in Australian genre cinema and I really think people will respond to our take on things. The Burning Kiss presents a different kind of Australia; a kind of stylish tangent world that probably has more in common with La Piscine or Purple Noon than Aussie classics like Wolf Creek or Chopper.’

Studsor has an ardent appreciation for genre films that use summer heat as a metaphor for intensity and drama, be it Texas Chainsaw MassacreWake in Fright or Lady in a Cage. He says, ‘I wanted to blend films that share this aesthetic such as those of the southern gothic genre, euro thrillers, melodramas and even the Frankie and Annette Beach Party movies. And what better place to make a film like The Burning Kiss than Perth? The sunniest capital city in the world.’

You can find out more about The Burning Kiss by visiting


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