Trasharama Short Film Festival invades Leederville tonight

A celebration of the nastiest, crudest, cheapest, filthiest, smelliest, most revolting short films made in Australia, TRASHARAMA is everything a degenerate freak could want in a festival program. Monster Fest and host Dick Dale are proud to present 13 of the very best disasterpieces.

At 6.30pm, the zombie hoards of Perth will join the Official Perth Zombie Walk to march through the café strip of Oxford Street toward the Luna Outdoor Cinema. Inside they will rot and fester the night away to the demented beats of Perth rockers The Chainsaw Hookers before exposing themselves to Australia’s most notorious short film program.

According to Festival organisers, Adelaide’s Dick Dale has been touring the land for nearly 15 years corrupting the minds of thousands with some of the most demented short films ever committed to film.

“And now he’s back and armed with some of the trashiest and downright repulsive films that you could point a rancid stick at! The films come from all over Australia and the world and are sick, twisted, disgusting, glorious and beautiful! This is a night of gut-wrenching hilarity that will have you reaching for your gag bag and rolling in the aisle – there’s no one in Australia quite like Trasharama’s Dick Dale!”

March on in with full zombie attire to be in the running for awesome prizes supplied by Monster Pictures, Club X and Black Flys Eyewear.

Date: Saturday 29 March 2014
Time: 8pm (gates open at 6.30pm)
Venue: Luna Outdoor Cinemas, Oxford St, Leederville

BAD TIDINGS | D: Craig Lipnicki | 2013 | 15 minutes
A psychotic man in a Santa suit plays a game with a helpless man on Christmas day.

BACK TO BACK GRINDHOUSE | D: Sam Chambers | 2011 | 2 minutes
Two faux trailers for non-existent films in the style of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse

BLOOD FOR THE DEMON’S DAUGHTER TEASER | D: Clint Cure | 2013 | 1 minute
A hint at things to come for Clint Cure’s Asian Vampire film.

BUDGET CUTS | D: Jarret Gahan | 2013 | 12 minutes
One man’s account of dealing with murder and his tips on how to save coin while committing it.

LIONS, TIGERS, BEARS | D: Lee Marquardt | 2011 | 6 minutes
A day at the zoo for education concerning murder.

GAG | D: Brett Foetus Puncher | 2012 | 3 minutes
Music video for ‘Gag’ by the band, DIXON CIDER

ALISTAIRE | D: Aaron Cartwright | 2010 | 11 minutes
A couple of home invaders get more than they bargained for when the find the home of their latest victims contains a torture dungeon.

ALICE IN ZOMBIELAND | D: Daniel Armstrong | 2009 | 13 minutes
Alice fights her way through a factory of zombies. Features music by hardcore rapper, Kidcrusher.

POV | D: Benjamin Morton | 2013 | 10 minutes
Filmed entirely from a first person perspective, follow serial killer ‘The Cyclops’ as he stalks, kidnaps and kills.

ACID SPIDERS | D: Stuart Simpson | 2011 | 10 minutes
A group of girls take liquid acid during a band rehearsal which heralds an evil alien spider invasion. Drugs are bad, m’kay.

A LITTLE R’n’R | D: Alex Machin and Frank Daft | 2013 | 11 minutes
A gang of scumbags decide to make life hell for a family.

CRAVE THE BRAIN | D: Nick Majcen and Ben Crossley | 2012 | 5 minutes
A Bride and Groom speed off, chased by flesh eating zombies. Music by Gorelapse.

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