Australian talent on display at Byron Bay International Film Festival

The 8th Byron Bay International Film Festival is set to showcase an abundance of Australian filmmaking talent when it launches tomorrow.

The festival runs until Sunday 9th March, 2014 and will be screening over 50 Australian short films, music videos, documentaries and animations as well as international ones.

Below is a a complete list of the Australian inclusions that you can catch in Byron Bay during the festival.

Great Adventures (Australia) Short

Amalia Lucia Gomez is Gluten Intolerant (Australia) Short

Peleda (Australia) Animation

Loving Myself – Hairy Soul Man (Australia) Music Video

Hungry Man (Australia) Young Australian Filmmaker

Vera – People Who Can Fly (Byron Bay) Documentary

Heaven (Australia) Short

Man (Australia) Dramatic Short

Booth (Australia) Short

Advance Australia Film (Australia) Documentary

North For The Winter (Byron Bay) Surf Film

Distant Noises And Other Voices (Australia) Documentary Short

Source To Sea (Byron Bay) Documentary Short

Nguraa Wanggagu (Country Talking) (Australia) Documentary Short

Two Brothers Walking (Australia) Documentary

Condom (Australia) Animation

Grandad (Australia) Short

A Woman’s Deeper Journey Into Sex (Australia) Documentary

David Bradbury, Keep The Camera Rolling (Australia) Documentary

The Rose of Turaida (Australia) Animation

The Assange Agenda (Australia) Documentary

Happy Birthday (Australia) Short

Sam’s Gold (Australia) Short

Fun City (Australia) Short

When You Fall (Australia) Short

Love Is – The Life Of Byron – Conversations With The Elders (Byron Bay) Documentary Short

Nothing Stops Detroit (Australia) Young Australian Filmmaker

GodWolf – ‘Alone’ (Australia) Music Video

The Funmaker (Byron Bay) Experimental

We Keep on Dancing (Australia)

Indian Aussies (Australia) Documentary Short

Ghost Train (Australia) Documentary Short

Liquid Night (Byron Bay) Music Video

We Love You (Byron Bay)

Audrey Of The Alps (Australia) Documentary

Little Lies (Australia) Short

Into the Streets (Australia) Documentary Short

OUT In The Lineup (Australia) Documentary

My Mother Her Daughter (Australia) Dramatic Short

Sophie’s Wish (Australia) Documentary Short

Tritch (Australia) Dramatic Short

The Hatinator (Australia) Young Australian Filmmaker

Swim (Australia) Dramatic Short

What Remains (Australia)

Not Their Boots (Australia) Dramatic Short

Ultramarine (Australia) Dramatic Short

The Dangers Of The Aquarius (Australia) Short

Curiosity (Australian) Documentary

The Interviewer (Young Australian Filmmaker) (Australia) Dramatic Short

Women Who Run with the Tides (Byron Bay) Documentary Short

Yapawarnti Palu Rijikarrijani (Children Playing) (Australia)

Burra Jurra (Australia) Documentary

Drawn Here (Australia) Documentary

Dr. Salt (Byron Bay) Documentary

Mt Warning “Midnight Dawn” (Byron Bay) Music Video

The Crossing (Australia) Documentary Feature

The Tree Myth (Byron Bay) Dramatic Short

Ray Kurzweil And The Singularity (Australia) Animation

The Landing (Australia) Dramatic Short

Vultures (Australia) Music Video

Strike (Australia) Short

Distant Noises And Other Voices (Australia) Documentary Short

Nightingale Floor (Australia) Music Video

The Gift (Australia)

The Beast And The Silence (Australia) Young Australian Filmmaker

Blind Faith (Byron Bay) Documentary Short

Maiden (Australia) Short

The Hot Potato – The Road to Transformation (Australia) Documentary

Homebound (Australia) Documentary Short

A Life Exposed (Australia)

The Man From Coxs River (Australia) Documentary

A Silly Little Walk (Australia) Schools Sessions

Cent Crazy (Australia) Schools Sessions

Gone Out (Australia) Schools Sessions

The Rose of Turaida (Australia) Animation

Scratch (Australia) Schools Sessions

Billy Cart (Australia) Schools Sessions

Jacob Fights Giants (Australia) Schools Sessions

Life (Australia) Schools Sessions

Magic Quandong (Australia) Schools Sessions

South by Scooter (Australia) Schools Sessions

The Gallant Captain (Australia) Schools Sessions

Cinamnesia (Australia) Experimental

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