John Doe: Vigilante Oz release date announced


STARRING Jamie Bamber, Lachy Hulme and Bryce Hardy


WRITTEN BY Stephen M. Coates


RELEASE DATE May 1, 2014

CINEMA AUSTRALIA SAY We’re not sure what to make of either of the 2 trailers for Kelly Dolen’s new film, or the publicity behind it. The filmmakers seem keen to let us know that John Doe: Vigilante has a strong message and theme behind it, which seems to have been done to death with films like V For Vendetta and Natural Born Killers. The trailer looks like it’s aimed at an American audience and maybe that’s what the filmmakers are going for. John Doe: Vigilante will open in the US on March 21, 2014 ahead of it’s Australian release on May 1, 2014. SAY Some call him a hero. Some call him a villain. He’s “John Doe: Vigilante” – an ordinary man who decides to take the law into his own hands. Frustrated with a failing legal system that continues to allow violent criminals to go free, John Doe begins exacting justice the only way he knows how – by killing one criminal at a time. Soon he becomes a media sensation and inspires a group of copycat vigilantes, but who is the real John Doe – a pillar of justice or a cold-blooded murderer? You decide.

3 thoughts on “John Doe: Vigilante Oz release date announced

    • Hi
      I am waiting for your reply about John Doe Vigilante. I want to know when
      John Doe Vigilante will be on Melbourne film.
      Please could you reply me very soon …

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