Cinema Australia backs Morgue

MorgueCinema Australia have shown our support for the future of Australian cinema by backing new short film, Morgue on the crowd funding website Pozible.

Morgue is a short film by final year Murdoch University film students. The film is a black comedy exploring the realms and meaning of life and death.

Late for work, Steve speeds down a suburban street. Frustrated he switches through radio stations only to further infuriate him, until he gets a pain in his chest. Having a heart attack Steve dies. Steve awakes to find himself in a morgue alongside another corpse – an outspoken and obnoxious Old Man. Here the two banter about life, death and everything in between.

The project describes Morgue as being approached light heartedly but dealt with a heavy hand.

The banter between the two characters has a comedic shading, enveloping the odd couple dynamic. On the other “Morgue” is a story about a man struggling with the regrets and loss of his own life, something that each and every person is eventuated to.

Steve – Mario Piccoli
Old Man – Phil MacKenzie

Director – Jake Shannon
Producer – Lewis Rodan
Cinematographer – Naveed Farro
Production Designer – Katelyn Collins
Sound Designer – Robbie Stevenson
Editor – El-Hussein Taha

If you’d like to support this project click here.

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