Erotica Film Festival

Davo Hardy’s Public Eye will screen at the Erotica Film Festival.

You’ve all heard of Sydney Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival and Revelation Perth International Film Festival. But have you heard of Erotica Film Festival?

It’s an online film festival of consensual and authentic expressions of sexuality, love and relationships.

Founded in 2019 by festival director Ilsa Fay, Erotica began as a unique, boutique one-night-only extravaganza of erotic art, performance and short film before emerging as an online festival of consensual, authentic and beautiful erotic film.

Weaving sexuality, sensuality and sacredness through film, Erotica brings Eros and art, viewer and expression, and community together.

The core of Erotica is founded in consensual, authentic expressions of eroticism, performance and art.

Erotica seeks to promote, encourage and support artists, storytellers and filmmakers from all over the world in creating and crafting authentic, quality depictions of eroticism, sensuality and intimacy.

Oliver David’s Into-You-I-See-Me explores sexual and sensual intimacy between differently-abled bodies.

Films are selected and curated from filmmakers in Australia and all over the world. Selected films elicit emotion through sound, words and pictures and showcase an experience of eroticism and sensuality founded in consent, authenticity and intimacy.

Erotica believes emphatically in the importance of consent, authenticity and freedom of sexuality, creating a new cultural norm and enhancing the life of people through art and self-expression.

“With so much erotic content devoid of deeply embodied consent and beauty, we’ve curated an experience where only consenting, authentic expressions of love, intimacy and eroticism are celebrated,” said Ilsa Fay.

“We are delighted to showcase films from all over the world, celebrating artists, filmmakers, performers and facilitators who work in the realms of sacredness, sexuality and embodied authenticity.”

As well as showcasing films across 9 categories, Erotica will present two live performance art shows.

Each show will include 60-90 minutes of live performances across a range of erotic performance art genres, including Shibari, Burlesque, Erotic Poetry and more!

Erotica Film Festival will run from 10 – 20 June 2022. Discover more about the festival here.