Be kind to thy neighbour.

Three housemates, two dead brothers and a deliveryman are forced to live together or die trying.


Dead Brothers – Glen (David Beamish) & Reefer (Chris Charteris).

Dan has had to suffer living with his girlfriend Nan’s obnoxious best friend Cat for years. After a rude wake up call on the morning of his birthday Dan decides that it’s time for Cat to finally move out. It being Friday the 13th and Cat being as immature as she is, Cat manages to annoy their neighbour enough to get the house Cursed, resulting in Dan’s best friends, brothers Glen and Reefer dying and none of them, let alone Cat being able to leave, unless they wish for the same fate.

Cat (Britt Kynde) flipping off Dan (Paul Tucker) & Nan (Elora Wilson).

As they try and come to terms with the situation it dawns on them that they might actually be trapped in this house forever. Now if Dan thought three was a crowd it won’t be any roomier with five of them under the same roof. Glen and Reefer make a surprise appearance after waking up dead. With the “alive” Cat and the “dead” Reefer becoming close, everyone else becomes increasingly worried realising that hunger might be an issue. When resorting to having their groceries delivered the gang encounter another problem when Cat invites the Deliveryman, who just so happens to be her Stepdad inside. With a full house they are all pushed to their limits. They either have to live together or die trying.

Crystal (Maureen Powell).