VOD release date confirmed for John Fraser’s bold debut ​Choir Girl​

Sarah Timm in ​Choir Girl​.

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John Fraser’s bold black and white feature film ​Choir Girl​ will release via iTunes this month.

​Choir Girl​ tells the story of Eugene (Peter D Flaherty), a lonely photographer who becomes obsessed with an underage prostitute, Josephine (Sarah Timm), in his rundown neighbourhood. Josephine has escaped a war-torn country only to be trapped in the illegal sex trade by corruption and a powerful underworld boss.

With little choice, Josephine becomes Eugene’s muse and his photographs could be a way out for both of them. Yet is Eugene helping Josephine? Or using her?

The debut feature film of Australian director Fraser and produced by Ivan Malekin of Nexus Production Group, ​Choir Girl​ is a confronting film that tackles loneliness and obsession, the struggle for recognition, and the blurred line between art and morality.

Peter D Flaherty (​Bikie Wars​) and newcomer Sarah Timm are joined by veteran Australian faces Krista Vendy (​Neighbours​), Jack Campbell (​Underbelly, All Saints​) Kym Valentine (​Neighbours​), Andy McPhee (​Wolf Creek​) and Roger Ward (​Mad Max​), all giving powerful performances in an impactful film that poses the question, “how far would you go for your dream?”

Choir Girl​ will be available for pre-sale in Australia from September 1st. It will go live on September 15th.

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